HANDS & FEET - RoboDog and it's Tutorial

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  • Leather two-colored gloves:  $6

  • Boots (second hand store):  $6

  • Cohersive bandage black wraps (for legs and arms) : $10

  • Zippers (Qty 4, for wraps) $20

  • 3D printed finger claws: $ ??

  • 3D printed toe claws: $ ??

  • 3D printed buttons: ??

The "dog finger claws and toes" were done on a 3D printer by an awesome friend of mine! (Thanks Phil!! I couldn't do it without ya!)

The leg-wrappings were stretchy, and would be a pain to keep rolling on and off. So we decided to sew them in a backing of spandex with a tan colored zigzag so you could see the shape much better.  

Then "buttons" were  also 3D printed, and glued on with E6000. I sewed small-toothed black zippers to the inner-side of the leg wrappings so they are easier to take on and off.

After we were done, we spray painted all of the pieces to make it look a bit more dirty.

The generic glove.  I ended up really liking the look of these particular ones.  They were cheap and so I went with them.

This shows the really neat 3D printed doggy-finger tips at the end of the glove fingers.

This shows the wraps sewn to a spandex backing.  I added small-toothed zippers to tie edges so they would be much easier to put on the leg pieces.  The arm ones on the top of the pic just roll on.
(Thanks to my buddy Phil for all the 3D prints and ideas for this critter!!

The 3D printed doggy toes on the front of the boot.

This was be trying the raw-wraps (no sewing yet) I liked the idea,so we went with it.

This is after all sewing, and 3D buttons (SO awesome looking! It looks exactly like the doll!) We dirtied up the boot and wraps.

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