EYES - RoboDog and it's Tutorial

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Clear Acrylic Cabochons (Qty 2: of 1”, Qty 2: of 3/4”) : $15
But you can find colored ones which makes it a bit easier to create!. Look online!

Cellophane Sheet: (Blue, Green, Gold - ANY COLOR!): $10

Buckram, Black
: $5

I bought blank cabochons then I had to make them colorful.
I tried to see which ones I liked: Gold, Green, Purple, Rainbow.

Each blank one are backed with a color of cellophane.
Then behind the cellophane is black thin spandex.  

You can see the difference of it without black, and with black,
they are they exactly same cellophane, but look totally different!

I glued the colored eyes on the black buckram with E6000 adhesive. The buckram you can seeout of easily.

This is how the blank cabochons . Buy extras in case something goes wrong!

Gold cellophane

Green celliophane

TYou can find cellophane sheets or rolls at a lot of places like Michaels, or Dicks.

Reddish-purple cellophane

Rainbow cellophane

Belueve ut ir bitm tgese are exactly the same cellophane, but backed in black.  Once backed in black, it changes the colors on some.  That purple turned blue-green! I loved it.

I chose the Blue-Green and Gold for my Robodog eyes.  This shows the them lining up on the buckram backing.  

this is the Blue-Green eye glued ontoi the buckram.  this shows that you can see through the buckram easily.  What is neat is people cannot see you, because it is dark inside the mask!

This was the hard part.  It took two people to get this done correctly.  They had to be centered on each circle, AND had to be centered Left and Right!  This is just the Gold eye first.

This is the complete head with all eyes installed.

This shows all four eyes installed.  I look through the bucrum of the Gold eyes, and the slits on the top of the mask. Its not too difficult.

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