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  • Flight Suit / Coveralls (used, Desert Tan colored, Ebay): $20

  • Embroidered Iron on appliques (Qty 3 for Coverall) : $10

  • All Black Keffiyeh Scarf 100% cotton: $10

  • Pouch: (second hand store): $8
  • Multi Voice Changer Microphone:  $10
  • Arm armor piece from MISS MONSTER: $25

Click on any photos to show a much larger version.The coveralls were too "clean" when I bought them.  So, my friend and I tried to bleach it, used coffee to dirty it, etc.. NOTHING WORKED!   One hint: If these are truly military coveralls, which these were, you cannot get them dirty except one way: SPRAY PAINT!!

We hung it up on a tree in his back yard and used five or six different colored spray paints to get it look a bit dirty.  The pictures don't do it well, as they are kind of subtle.

I bought a pouch / bag at a second hand store and we also dirtied it up with spray paint. We added some "metal water bottles" after banging them up with a hammer, and spray painting those too. (they were too shiny).

There is armor arm piece on my left arm.  I hand-painted black plastic to look like several types of different leather pieces.  I am pleased with how it turned out.  I might grind some plastic out from underneath to lighten it up a bit.


The raw plastic pieces from Miss Monster.  It required clean up, smoothing, wash, primer, and drilling.

I did not get a picture of the after-wash and primer which was right before IThis shows the first layer of hand-painting of beige.

I wanted to add different colors so it looks like four diferent leathers put together. Pretty neat I think.

I splashed it with dark brown thinned out paint to get into the cracks and to darket it a bit.  Then added leather strips to wrap around my arm.


This shows us dirtying up the front  cover-alls with spray paint.  It shows up much better in person.

This shows us dirtying up the back  cover-alls with spray paint.  It shows up much better in person.

Here is the pouch after it was dirtied up and the water canistered added. It looked good with the cover-alls. (note the awesome Miss-Monster sticker!)

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