BACKPACK - RoboDog and it's Tutorial

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Camelback: $10
Plumbing Tubing : $5
Thermos: $3
Carabiners w/ 3 rings: $5

3D-Printed parts: $??
A Meter of Mini-Skinny NeoPixel Strip: $25
2 NeoPixel Jewels: $14
2 Flora RGB Smart NeoPixels:
5V Trinket Microcontroller:
3 AA alkaline Batteries:
1 Battery holder with switch:

We took the idea of this backback from MISS MONSTER's RoboDogMan dolls! It came darn close don't you agree?  I was THRILLED when I saw it!  The crazy thing? this runs for 16 HOURS on 3 AAA batteries!

This amazing creation is done by my friend Phil Burgess.  It is a magician with NeoPixels, 3D printers, and Laser Cutters!  

Please read the SIPPING POWER WITH NEOPIXELS tutorial that he put together using this backpack.  You can also get the PDF file for easy reading!


Yep, that is a thermos!  Believe it or not, its how the middle of the backpack was started!.

My friend Phil (once again) used his awesome 3D printers and laser cutter.  It is attached to a non-bladder camel-back.

At this point it is almost done!  It has very cool looking tubing that has programmable NeoPixels.  A very cool paint job that looks like rusting metal.

This shows the backpack in all it's glory!
Its amazing but the lights last for 16 HOURS on only 3 AA battires!

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