The wings use the same wing pack as Diadexxus'.

The Wing-material is this great stuff called Silk Essence. It comes in MANY colors and is CHEAP.
It's very light, and seethrough if you only use one layer. I wanted mine opaque, so I used two layers.
It is actually the exact same stuff that Diadexxus' feathers on her wings are made from, except
she used white and grey Silk Essence, and had them airbrushed.

I added two more 'wing bones' of 3/8" diameter Delrin Rod to my wing arm to make the 'bat shape',
then layed the material under it, and over it, pinned it up, cut it, and sewed it. THAT easy!

I added a zipper to the back of the pack so I could get into the hardware to change
batteries or fill the CO2 canister.

The finishing touches were the fur backing and furry arms of te wings.
I think it might have weighed down the wings a bit too much. I migh have to take it off.