Because I wouldn't be the same without 'em!

By far, the first things people notice about my suit is that I have wings. Tigers don't USUALLY have wings, but then again, I am not just any 'ol white tiger, now am I? *smirk*

They were definately the most difficult part of the suit to create, and thanks to Legend, they were gorgeous! I have done some serious re-painting of the wings as you might have noticed on this wings above verses other photos on the website.

The wings are pneumatic, which means, they run on pressured air (Co2 in this case) and pistons shove the wings out, and away from my body. There is a controller in my left paw which is very sensitive, and when I put my pinkie and thumb together, it triggers the air to push the pistons. When I release my fingers away from eachother, the wings exhaust the air, and the wings automatically come down, and fold onto my back.

The wings are created from aluminum, delrin rod, foam, batteries, a CO2 cartridge, lots of tubing, material, and airbrush ink.

Click on photo to see larger one.

Note that the CO2 canister is NOT in this picture

Stretched Wing-Arm

Folded Wing

Closeup Of Painting

20Oz Co2 Canister

Another view of the canister