My name is Jennifer Walker. I am in my early 30's, and I live in Silicon Valley. I have been into Fursuiting for about 3 years, but Costuming (Haunted houses/Ren Faires) for about 15years.

I got into Fursuiting a while back when a friend of mine said since I like tigers so much (well, after Dragons, but that's another story) that I should try to make a suit. My first suit, was a lycra bodysuit from with a furry tummy, and a facial appliance from

I wore the suit to BayCon, a sci-fi convention here in Silicon Valley, and ended up winning "Best Makeup" Well it took 2 hours to do the makeup, but it was a good job, so I was happy. Here is a picture of my Tiger-face.

The Lycra bodysuit was OK, but sometimes made me feel like a 'stuffed sausage' because I don't have the greatest body in the world. So I wanted to try something different. Again, talking to friends, they said I should try a Fur Suit! But, I wanted to be something different, something more grand than I have seen before. So, I chose a Winged White Tiger.

It was hard work, but hopefully things you see here will inspire you to do some Costuming yourself! I am definately hooked on this hobby!

Other pics of me (if you care to peek).