Stuff for Vortex!

The Jewelry necklace was created by using a real skunk skull and real bone beads. Note that some of the beads ARE tiny hand-drilled human skulls.

The VoxBox (Voice Box) was created by using the raw board from a 1991 RapMan (given to me by Foofers!), and hard wired to be the lowest demon sound he could get. I bought a pretty nice mic and speakers. Somehow Foofers and I all got this working and it was AWESOME!

The "VooDoo Staff" was wanted all along. I couldn't get it in time for FC, but did for BayCon. I started with 6 foot sugar maple walking stick by DownEarth Walking Stick. The great part is The stick screws apart in three parts! Makes it easy for packing it up! Then I was lucky enough to find a fake, but realistic looking coyote skull on Ebay (yay Ebay!), and got the horns from Foofers (yay Foofers!), the bone beads were leftover from the necklace, and thought it would be nice to match, so I used those and real rabbit fur and feathers to top it. It sorta turned out as I drew it on the paper many moons ago. Close enough!