Bottom of paw

Top of paw

Finished paws, note wire
controller for the wings.

Wearng Paws

Original Silicon Mold

Dixie Cup hot glued to mold

Prepping the resin

Richard prepping resin

Finished claw with hot glue and dixie cup still attached

Hot glue close up.

Casted Claws ready to grind down with a dremel took (see right claw)

Terraluna and I used RTV Silicon Molding Material for the Original Negative (He already had this made)
Then QUIK-CAST with opaque black ink for the claws. The claws were then
ground down with a dremel tool to fit my fingers and then drilled thinner to fit
in the gloves I made. There are also holes drilled THROUGH the claw so I could sew
and glue each claw firmly within the fur.