By Valden!
Vortex collects SOULZZZZ

By Jax-God Of Yaoi!
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Vortex being summoned in a portal!

By OciCat!

By Midori!

I Tink I hurt my toof!
By Cyprus!

ChibiVortex by

by Scuzzy!

Vortex Pixi-Stick
by Scuzzy!

by Scuzzy!

Another Chibi! By MalyTwoTails!

He Doesn't Wuv you.
He just wants your soul!
By Foofers!

Scritcha Scritcha!
By Foofers!

Standing Tall
By "M"

By Westly

Look Carefully! Read the back Ph#
(thanks Foofers)

Vortex by Dogz!

Thank you to everyone who has drawn Vortex!