Since I was already planning on building everything but the head, I had to find someone to do the head.
ScribbleFox was REALLLLY wanting to do it.
So, he designed it with my help and built it. Pricey but WELL worth every cent!

demonhead3.jpg demonhead-a1.jpg demonhead-a2.jpg demonhead-a3.jpg demonhead-a4.jpg
demonhead-a5.jpg demonhead-a6.jpg demonhead1.jpg demonhead2.jpg head-top.jpg
demonhead4.jpg head-side.jpg face-closeup.jpg head-3quarter.jpg head-bottom.jpg
head-front.jpg head-mouth-closed.jpg head-mouth-open1.jpg head-mouth-open2.jpg head-rear.jpg
mouth-closeup1.jpg mouth-closeup2.jpg eye-closeup.jpg
How the eyes finally turned out
The ALBINO eyes that "VanDykes" messed up!
Scribblefox re-painted them
This is what the eyes were
SUPPOSED to look like!