The original concept of Vortex was to be some sort of demonic Rat critter.
That massively changed when I spent a couple hours talking to Scribblefox.

1. He HAD to have horns
2. He HAD to have hooves.
3. I wanted to attempt Digitigrade legs!

4. I had 2.5 months from concept to finish before Halloween.

Started 8/1/02 finished 10/26/02!!

Here are some of the ideas I had, click the pics:

Vortex is a mix of Rat, Bat, Dragon and Boar
(maybe with some other things mixed in)

Something like this was my original thought, after seeing this Rat with Horns head at Alexis' website

During lunch one day, I wanted to draw what was in my head.

I told my friend Higgins about this critter, and this was his take on it.

Scribblefox's original drawing. I like horns too much so he added them. Yay Dragon Fins!

Scribblefox's concept with horns, everything was awesome.

Color Concept 1: Too much white, I wanted it toned down a bit.

Color Concept II: Note the grey on the chin and throat area. Also, I thought it would look great with red eyes.