Rockstar & MoonBeam came from the brain of IgorWolf
. He wanted a "Walking Acid Trip".
Over the summer of 2005 he drew a rough piece of art for what he called Rock Star.
Then he drew a cleaned up version of Rockstar and one for me called MoonBeam so we had SOME idea what
they would look like.

Then we took a trip to LA to find some interesting furs to make them out of.
At this time we had absolutely NO idea what colors that they would be, but we wanted something cool.
We were thinking Greens, yellows, teals, and others. We found some short, long, and even tinsel furs in
Purples and Blues, so, that's what we decided on.

We got the unfurred skull for Rockstar by White_fox at ArendStudios, and I carved the female head for MoonBeam.
Thanks to Yippee for coming over a few tmes and helping me clean up MoonBeams head shape!
Over the next 4 or 5 months, I worked on these and Foofers was AWESOME on making those glowing
& Controllers, along with the fantastic UV Reactive Horns, Teeth, and Claws! (everything glows like MAD!)

These two were definitely some of the hardest costumes I have had to do. Trying to make them match eachother
but look different, and the hand-sewing stars and moons, WOOO.. I don't think I will be doing that again!

Enjoy the glowing trip of Rockstar & MoonBeam!