FURSUIT.ORG Start here for any of your FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) Has great links to places to buy fur, how to construct suits, etc...TONS of info)

LiveJournal FURSUIT Community!: Come join us to talk, and learn how to build suits! (Please look at the "Memories" for tons of information already available!)

NIC'S FURSUIT PAGE Probably the most excellent 'all around resource' on suiting.

Legend "The Griffin Bard" Also check out the pictures here of his new "Servo Run Wings" If it weren't for him, Dia wouldn't have wings!

Brokken's Construction Pages
Excellent info on building muscle suits, and fursuits!

Dizzy Cat's Construction Page Good pictures of how to carve and fur a head.

Cavalier's Construction Page Good pictures of how to use plastic mesh.

Hawke's Hoof Construction Page : Excellent info on how to make hooves.

Matrice's Tutorials : Great tutorials on how to make heads, tails, bodies, etc!

Ryng Raccoon's Tutorials: How to carve a foam head,and how to foam it, among other things!

If you are looking for a CUSTOM suit, these people build 'em!


BigBadWolf Does commssions of various critters.(Occasionally down)

Brokken Wolf:
Specializes in high quality toony costumes.

Danceing Wolf Productions: Good prices here

DragonFyre Dawn Studios: Very nice Portfolio of Costumes.

Growly's Fursuits: Lots of different kinds.

Gryphon Studios: Unique creations, neat Demon!

I-Woof (Critter Creations aka Scuzzy): Good prices, and talented! (Currently not available?)

JaxBat Furry Creations: A talented Fursuit Maker with great prices!

Lacy's Fursuiting Site: New costume maker. Cute stuff. Good Prices.

LatinVixen's Mixed Candy: An EastCoast Fursuit Maker. High Quality.

Noble Arctic Wolf: New costume maker on the net. Low prices.

PouchHopper's Fursuits : Interesting different critters here

Primal Visions: Awesome realistic costumes, and custom latex Masks.

Rawr!: Custom Toony Suits available here!

Realm of Shadow: Unique Spandex animal costumes and leather collars.

Running Wolf Productions: If you want a werewolf, go here. :) Awesome creations.

Ryngs Rakune: Amazing costume maker. Check out his Commissions page.

SnowPaws Studios: Long time Fursuit Maker, Ocicat

S.Park's Costuming: Fantasy and Furry Creations.

White Wolf Studios: Nice suits. Great tail maker.

WildWolf's Creations: Fun costumes! Also makes Mascots.

YinWolf's Costumes: Unique costumes! Check out the Drabbit.


Arend Studios: CANADA The guys from WFP that do Professional Mascots, and FX.

NorthFur FX CANADA Where to find animal facial Appliances & Custom Mascots

One Fur All Studios: CANADA Excellent quality, can do most any type of animal.

ToonSuits.com: CANADA Cute costumes, from Vancouver.

AnthroCreations GERMANY Atalon Deer's custom fursuit commission website.

Quadrupedal Jellybean Productions: AUSTRALIA, very interesting/unique fursuit maker

Kangena: UK Animal facial Appliances

Kaelen Creations: UK: Interesting Creations! Nice use of color.

If you are looking to buy a pre-made suit, check out these places
Marylen's Costume Shop This is where I bought my modified Simon suit.
Realms of Enchantment (aka Darkstone) Decent suits, good prices.
Furbid A great place to find fursuits, or tails, ears, etc for good prices.
Fun n Folly Nice looking place to buy mascots/suits (A reseller?)

If you are looking for places to SEE fursuiters in action,
or to show yours off, go to these places!

FURTHER CONFUSION A California BayArea Furry-Con
ANTHROCON A Pennsylvanian Furry-Con
A link to a List of FurCons There's gotta be one near you!
Where to find FurCons and how big they are! At the AFC!
Where and When are the FurCons around the world? Furrycon.org will help you find 'em!

Great Photos of Fursuiters!
Timduru's Fursuit Archive The largest online archive of fursuit pictures, videos, etc! (check out the "collection" link)
The Fox Den
A lot more fursuiting pictures.
Chameleon.net Tons of Fursuiting pictures
Vulpes.net Lots of Fursuiting and Con pictures!

Friends and those I know:


Fred Puma

Razor Wulff
Smash Greywolf

A few other cool links:

Diadexxus is Famous! She's in a comic strip!
My full Masquerade act on VIDEO: MPG, LARGE!
Other acts at FC2001: Here!
Find your Furry Friends on The FIR-DIRectory
Find those Furries near you on The U.S.A. Furry-Map!
Afabulous gathering of all SORTS of Furry info at Mongoose.net
Find some great links at The Furry Links Central!
A Great Bay Area Furry group: Critters by The Bay

If ya wanna link to me, feel free to use: