How did we come to be Jak and Aby?

They get their names from being ABYssinian JAcKals. I thought it was kinda cute.

Well, I was bored one day and wanted to do something different. I knew there weren't many 'matching costumes' out there and I was itching to do a set just to see if I could pull it off.

Thinking of WHAT was the hard part. I have never done a 'toony' character, and this is where it all started. I figured that doing something caninish but toony would be the easiest way. Then as I was doing what would become Jak's head, it occured that it would be really fun to try to make TWO of the same critters, but one male and one female. So I was looking for some rare animals and found the Abyssnian Jackals (aka Ethiopian Wolves) and LOVED their black tipped/striped tail. They just so happen to be the rarest canine in the world! So, that was an easy enough choice.

I actually started the heads earlier in the year, around August, then paused as another project <a href="">VORTEX</a> interrupted my work for a couple months. So, as soon as I was done with Vortex, I picked up where I left off with 80% done heads of Jak and Aby.

I finished both of them in two months, and the DAY of the con 1/23/03 I put the snaps on the neck.