Fanboy [fnb]: n. 1) A person who follows royalty around waving palm fronds 2) A person who tries to ingratiate themselves with their favorite writer/artists/fursuiter/etc in order to get stories/art/snuggling done for free or merely to be 'in' with the crowd they're in, usually to the point of annoyance, and in rare cases, obsessiveness.

v. 1) To wave a palm frond at the male youth of royalty 2) to become increasingly annoying and/or clingy to your favorite writer/artist/fursuiter to the point of obsessiveness.


* You constantly follow a fursuiter around
* You constantly follow a fursuiter around taking pictures of them in any situation, even if they tell you to stop
* You follow fursuiters around and say more than once "Can I try on your suit?"
* You follow someone around for hours on end, but won't ever actually TALK to them, in suit or out.
* You ask werewolves to bite you so you can become one yourself.
* You hissed at the sight of soap.
* Soap disintigrates it gets near your body.
* You take a shower and the water goes around you.
* You think 'tact' is what they hold posters up with.
* You NEED new artwork NOW, because all your old artwork is stuck together.
* Endbac causes you to disintegrate like a vampire in the sun.
* You actually have a copy of the "WTFIWWY" Magic card created by Penny Arcade, but you don't think it applies to you
* You you hang out in #fursuit but have no suit nor really have any viable plans of building one, or owning one.
* If you lose all interest in someone if they DON'T have a fursuit.
* If you have ever thought of having intimate realtions with someone's fursuit but couldn't care less about who is in it .
* If your smell kills all the bugs and plants as you walk down the hall.
* If the wavy stink lines coming from your body don't have to be imagined, they can be caught on film.
* If you can squeeze the grease out from your hair and fry frenchfries with it.
* If you go to a con and sit in the internet room all day and night.
* If you wear a wallet chain to safeguard your bus pass and the picture of the Pikachu plushie you keep in your wallet.