Body, handhooves,Mane & Tail created by Me
Mask (unfurred) & Feet Hooves created by Bayne.

Again, I wanted to try something different. There aren't many horses around (Flinthoof, Joey,?), so I wanted to jump in and try something neat. A NightMare. I originally remembered the NightMare as the hell horse from Dungeons and Dragons, but it has shown up in Call of Cuthulu, and Magic the Gathering games as well.

Some interesting features about the costume: The mask was originally "flocked" with black fuzz, but it didn't match what turned out to be very reflective black fur I used for the body. So, I spent several weeks furring JUST the mask/ears to match. All the hair on the suit is made from REAL horse hair. Dyed, Sewn, and the fire-flames were added on by hand-dying with leather dyes.