I am currently remaking my fore and feet-paws due to the fact that it is wayyyyyy too hard to cool down in a suit when the paws are attached! The other reason is that my current feet are just too floppy, I wanted to make them a little more solid looking.

I carved upholstery foam over some cheap shoes called "Basics" which were only $5 at K-Mart (or WalMart). They are simple, non-fancy slip-on shoes.

I carved the foam using an electric knife. Then I glued the fur by using upholstery spray-glue (great stuff, aka like Super 77).

Then I got some white and pink vinyl and cut the pawpads roughly to the shape I wanted. I used both material glue (white when liquid, and clear when dry,but has some stretchy-ness to it) and the same spray-glue to attach the vinyl to the bottom of the shoe/fur. (If you noticed, I modified the vinyl slightly to fit a little better than the rough version, also went from four to three paw pads because I didn't have enough room)

I just let that dry, and they were pretty much done. I ended up not using the shoes. I yanked them out and ended up putting Dr.Scholl's padding in them instead. Very comfy, and NO blisters!!

Click on photo to see larger one.

Upholstery Foam carved over a cheap shoe

Rough cutting of the vinyl for bottom of paw

Gluing toes

One finished, one started

Complete paw!

Complete bottom of paw

Both paws done!