What character am I?

This is another one of those "What can I do that's different from everyone else?" things. I haven't ever seen an Aardwolf (a type of striped hyena), so, why the heck not?? His name is Joshua Michael Benton, a Sergeant in the Army.

So, I had a bunch of plastic mesh and foam from previous projects, so I took these out. I didnt know if I wanted toony or realistic. So, I did the hard decision to go semi-realistic.

To do that, I wanted to get dog-looking teeth. I went to Lone Star Taxidermy online and saw their teeth. They were pretty cheap, so I got two X-large coyote jawsets. (I wish I had gotten wolf instead, but ahh well).

You can see the step by step pictures in the photo area of the website.

I commissioned the wonderful WHITEWOLF to do the second head based on an Oakpaw drawing of Sgt. Benton I have had for quite some time. It came out wonderfully! Especially the ears!

The Camoflauge and pouches I got from a surplus store, and was actually a last minute decision to use it. It fit the character very well. (There is no body suit, but I meant the character's personality). So I grabbed it and brought it with me to FC2002, the debute con for him.