This only shows a couple of the muzzle/cheek changes Genna's head went through.
It took WEEKS to get it to look good enough to fur! I beleive I went through
four muzzle changes and at least four cheek modifications until I liked it enough to fur up.

Real Ringtail cats for Reference

Rough:No Cheeks, No Bottom Jaw

Front View

Rough Cheeks & Bottom Jaw, Black material for lips

Top View

Side Left View

Side Right View

Added more foam to head/muzzle

Front View

Side View


Back View of hand-sewn Spotting

Side View Of Furring

Front View of Furring, No details

Muzzle Markings

All Done!
Cute pink nose, Teeth, Tongue and eyes added.

Done Side View

Back View
(ended up adding 2 more spots)